Sample Student Feedback

Annaliese is very responsive to emails and extremely enthusiastic in her lecture presentations. She has a very clear interest in the history of the literature and the critical lens through which it should be read. I found this enthusiasm very motivating and exciting. She is also very willing to help and guide students to be better writers and she encourages individual interpretations. She definitely went above and beyond in helping me understand the content. […] You really made me enjoy getting back to this after my very long time away! (ONLINE LITERATURE COURSE)

The instructor obviously put a lot of effort into the material and teaching it, and when I had questions she responded quickly which I appreciated. Considering the wide scope of material that could have been included in this course, the texts that were used seemed to provide a good cross section of the literature. (ONLINE LITERATURE COURSE)

Annaliese is an especially gifted educator, mentor, and intellectual. All of the complex concepts and corresponding moments of confusion were devoted serious attention. Every student was felt welcome to freely express their ideas in a respectful, yet academically critical, learning environment. The combination of Annaliese’s ability to thoroughly explain complicated social theory coupled with our positive classroom environment was extremely conducive to the class’ success. (STANDALONE LITERATURE COURSE)

Annaliese is very approachable and upbeat! She conducts a stimulating class and made subject matter that would have never peaked my interest incredibly fascinating. (STANDALONE LITERATURE COURSE)

Great class to improve overall writing skills.  Annaliese was very passionate in helping students.  I really enjoyed the class. It was very challenging, but the class helped me a lot. (FRESHMAN COMPOSITION COURSE)

This was a great course.  I feel like I’ve opened my eyes to different types of writing all around us and became more confident in my writing. I loved receiving feedback on my papers it really helped me improve. I also felt like the class was a little community. (FRESHMAN COMPOSITION COURSE)

Annaliese was very helpful and you could tell that she actually cared about the students which makes us in turn care more about the class. (FRESHMAN COMPOSITION COURSE)

She always responded to emails quickly and she acts like she cares about each student learning process. Incredible at fostering discussion and explaining difficult coursework (TA DISCUSSION SECTION FOR LITERATURE COURSE)

I really liked Annaliese as an instructor as she engaged really well with the class and inspired valuable conversation.  The class dynamic was enjoyable as she encouraged us to work with one another. (TA DISCUSSION SECTION FOR LITERATURE COURSE)

Annaliese successfully encourages class participation and stimulates really interesting conversations about a variety of concepts discussed in lecture.  She is a very kind and approachable presence.  (TA DISCUSSION SECTION FOR INTERDISCIPLINARY MEDIA AND COMPARATIVE LITERATURE COURSE)

Her passion and commitment to the subject makes me more willing to learn.  She always engages students and tries her best to make it interesting.  Class time is never wasted as she is always prepared with helpful powerpoints. Annaliese is a really good TA. (TA DISCUSSION SECTION FOR INTERDISCIPLINARY MEDIA AND COMPARATIVE LITERATURE COURSE)

Screenshot: "The Body Electric" music video, performed by Hurray for the Riff Raff. Three figures recreate the famous painting by Boticelli, "Birth of Venus".
Screenshot: “The Body Electric” music video, performed by Hurray for the Riff Raff. Students in my Gender and Sexuality course engaged with representations of bodies in 20th and 21st century culture to understand the relationship of gender and sexuality to representations of bodies in literature and culture.